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SBR rubber plates flooring


KAMBAFLEX floor is a floor manufactured with recycled rubber and has the dimension of 500x500x20mm. The production is made in Huambo in tyre retreading factory MONTE CAR TYRES ®.


SBR boards consist of granulated tyres, rubber granulation obtained through removal of tyres in the retreading process, resin which promotes the agglutination of the mixture, catalyst for speeding up the healing process and pigment to assign the desired color.

Current production is done in black color (no pigment), green and bordeaux. Can be produced in other colors such as yellow, Orange and blue with a lower colour durability.


The pavement KAMBAFLEX can plicado in playgrounds, gymnasiums, indoor and outdoor sports, etc.

When properly applied is effective in reducing the impact in the event of a fall. For its features, has a high drainage capacity of water being a great solution for outdoor applications. Can still be treated with disinfectant solutions to maintain a high degree of hygiene.


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