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According to international organisations, the production of new tires is estimated at around 2 million per day worldwide. The number of used tires disposed, reaches annually, almost 800 million units.


A way found to decrease this impact was the use of technologies of recycling and reuse. Among them, the retread has been a fairly mechanism used to reduce the landfill of used tires. For example, refers to the Brazil, which ranks second in the world rankings of retreading of tires, which gives it an advantageous position next to several countries in the struggle for environmental preservation. However, when the useful life of tires comes to an end, definitely your recycling is extremely useful, enabling the production of new materials, the substitutes who resort to the use of natural resources.


There are currently a considerable variety of applications for rubber from tire recycling, you can normally by mechanical milling processes.


Through this process you get rubber granules whose main applications are listed below:

  • Paving of playgrounds
  • Tours in equestrian venues
  • Incorporation into the asphalt
  • Carpets and floor boards
  • Athletics tracks
  • Pára-choques de reboque
  • Fenders
  • Insulating plates used in construction
  • Products for home and garden


It turns out these days that the use of recycled rubber is growing but insufficient vis-à-vis its potential, denoting a strong tendency for the development of materials with products obtained by recycling of used tires.